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Central University and Trent University Solidify Partnership for Faculty and Student Exchange Programs

We are happy to announce a significant partnership between Central University in Mile 91 and Trent University in Ontario, Canada. This historic collaboration was commemorated during a signing ceremony at Trent University, marking the beginning of an exciting relationship between our two institutions.

First and foremost, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Prof. Katrina Keefer for her instrumental role in fostering this connection between our universities. Her efforts have paved the way for a fruitful collaboration that holds great promise for both institutions. During the ceremony, I had the privilege of engaging with faculty members from Trent University, discussing the mutual benefits of our partnership and sharing the inspiring history of Central University.

The agreement was officially signed by Dr. Michael Khan, the Provost and Vice President Academic of Trent University. We held several productive meetings with Trent faculty members, including Dr. Cathy Bruce, the Vice President of Research & Innovation, who showed immense enthusiasm in supporting Central University’s mission.

Furthermore, I had the pleasure of conversing with Dr. Denise Handlarski, a faculty member of Trent University’s School of Education. Her eagerness to contribute to the development of Central University’s School of Education is truly inspiring and speaks to the spirit of collaboration that defines this partnership.

In addition, discussions were held with Dr. Hugh Hodges, the Chair of Cultural Studies, exploring the possibility of establishing a new program called Entertainment Industry Design in collaboration with Centennial College. The potential for this program is exciting and demonstrates the forward-thinking approach that both Central University and Trent University embody.

A particularly enlightening aspect of my visit was meeting with Dr. Kim English and Dr. Patti Lynn Tracey from Trent University’s School of Nursing. Their shared enthusiasm for supporting and aiding in the growth of Central University’s Nursing program was truly remarkable. Their wealth of experience, knowledge, and dedication will undoubtedly contribute to the development of a top-notch nursing program at Central University, ensuring our students receive the finest education and training in this critical field.

Through collaborations with esteemed professionals like Drs. English and Tracey, Central University’s Nursing program will benefit from innovative teaching methods, expertise, and the sharing of best practices. This partnership will not only elevate the quality of education and training for our nursing students but also make a positive impact on healthcare services in our communities.

A central focus of our discussions revolved around the faculty and student exchange programs. These initiatives are vital for cultivating a diverse and enriching learning environment, where both institutions can gain from the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and cultural perspectives.

I was particularly excited to speak with Dr. David Firang, the incoming Director of the African Studies Research Group, who has extensive experience in facilitating student exchanges between Ghana and Trent University. His expertise and dedication will make him an invaluable partner as we move forward.

The faculty exchange program will enable our educators to immerse themselves in teaching and research opportunities at each other’s campuses, expanding their expertise and enhancing their pedagogical approaches.

The student exchange program will empower our students with invaluable international experiences, equipping them with crucial life skills such as adaptability, resilience, and cross-cultural communication.

It is my firm belief that this partnership between Central University and Trent University will create opportunities for collaborative research, cultural exchange programs, and innovative educational initiatives that will benefit students, faculty, and communities in both institutions.

We are excited to embark on this journey of shared learning, growth, and mutual support. Together, we will shape the future of education and make a lasting impact on society.




Muckson Sesay

Chancellor, Central University

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