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University Inauguration Ceremony: Statement by the Chancellor


As we celebrate the Inauguration of the Canadian University of Modern Technology, I am mindful of the journey that brought us to this day and the exciting developments ahead of us.

I am thankful to all of you for joining us for today’s celebration. I am incredibly grateful to the staff, advisers, government officials, and Njala University for helping us to reach this point. Ten years ago, I committed to establishing a first-class University in Mile 91. Many doubted that we would stand here today. I sincerely thank those who have helped me make this dream a reality. A special thanks must go to my partner and friend, Wesley Penner, who invested in this dream and trusted me with his legacy. I also want to express my sincere thanks to the Sierra Leone Partnership, which provided hundreds of students the chance to access quality education.

While I do not plan for this to be my last achievement, I am aware it may be my greatest – bringing education to the doorstep of my childhood community and helping to unleash the development potential of untold thousands of young people in the future.

But I am more than ever aware of the parts of my dream that remain unrealized, and I am pleased to announce that our next ten-year development plan will extend this dream, seeing this University add faculties of Engineering and Medicine; taking its place as one of West Africa’s premier institutions.

I call on all stakeholders, staff, and students to ensure that this institution continues to adhere to the vision of an educational institution that employs the most modern technology, adheres to the most rigorous standards and integrity, and attracts students from down the street and across the continent. Thank you for joining me today, as I thank God for the past and ask for his support in the future.

Thank you all

Muckson Sesay

Central University, Formerly the University of Modern Technology

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