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Empower Your Future in Nursing with Central University

In a moment of pride and celebration, the Nursing Department at Central University beams with joy as its students, having triumphed over their rigorous pre-nursing examination, now wear their uniforms with honor. This significant milestone is not just about the attire; it represents a journey of relentless dedication, academic rigor, and the beginning of a transformative career in healthcare.

At the heart of Central University is a commitment to excellence that never wavers, a tradition of delivering consistently high-quality education, and a mission to equip our students with more than just knowledge. We strive to mold leaders who are ready to face the challenges of healthcare with confidence, compassion, and unmatched professional skills.

Under the visionary leadership of Mrs. Fatmata Gegbe, Head of the Nursing Program, and in close collaboration with Matron Jenneh Momoh, Deputy Matron at the Bo Government Hospital, our students are nurtured in a culture of discipline and professionalism. This partnership exemplifies our dedication to creating an educational experience that bridges theory with practical, real-world application, ensuring our graduates are not just ready for the job market, but are sought after for their capabilities and holistic approach to patient care.

The recent matriculation ceremony for our first-year students, including those embarking on their nursing journey, was a testament to the vibrant future of healthcare, nurtured right here at Central University. This is where the next generation of nursing professionals begins their path to making a significant impact on the lives they will touch.

We invite you to be part of this exciting journey. Whether you’re a prospective student dreaming of a rewarding career in nursing, a faculty member passionate about shaping the future of healthcare, or a community member eager to support the next wave of professionals, there’s a place for you here. Join us in our mission to make a positive change, not just in our community, but in the world.

Central University Nursing Department: Where Excellence Meets Compassion.

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