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Father of the Nation

“I always call this man the “Father of the nation” because his duplicate is rare in Sierra Leone. To be specific, below are the key facts supporting my assertion:
He is the man who built a modernized university with a technological learning platform called “Central University” at Mile 91.
He has positively impacted thousands of lives, including mine, in various ways. His ongoing legacy of good deeds continues to make a difference.
He decided to transform the local means of learning to modern technological methods. A visit to Central University showcases the significant contributions he made for his nation and beyond.
He prioritizes human empowerment over material/worldly things, making him truly rare.
Despite his status, he is the most accommodating man I have ever seen, not considering it something vital.

For the sake of time, let me stop here and urge you to visit Central University at Mile-91 yourself.”

–By Abel Akim Alghali (Alumni-2023) —

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