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The Canadian College of Modern Technology wishes to welcome our first international students to campus with the first-year class containing new students from Liberia, Nigeria, and Ghana.
Even the COVID-19 pandemic could not stop Emmanuel Sasu (Ghanian), Khadijat Suleiman Garba (Nigerian), and Conmany B. Wesseh (Liberian) from coming to CCMT.
Sierra Leone provided a high-quality tertiary education to all English-speaking West Africa, and many of the continent’s leading thinkers and independence figures were educated here. However, in recent years, as education in Sierra Leone declined and new Universities opened in Ghana and Nigeria, this trend reversed, with our students traveling abroad to access well-equipped labs and well-motivated lecturers.
While we are fast developing the reputation of being among the best educational institutions in Sierra Leone, we have always desired to be among the best in West Africa and to help Sierra Leone reassert itself as a leading center of modern education.

We encourage our staff and students to make our international students feel at home here in Sierra Leone. We look forward to continuing to recruit students from across the sub-region, proving that Canadian College is truly the place where careers begin.

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