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Salary Increment at Central University

I am pleased to inform you that the Board of Trustees of the Canadian University of Modern Technology has seen fit to provide a general 25% minimum salary increase to all Staff that has worked for over a year. Many of you have already seen this reflected in your most recent salary payment.
The Board of Trustees felt that it was important to provide this level of increase so that Staff may preserve their standards of living during this inflationary period. While this represented a significant increase in our running costs, we think it displays our commitment and care for our Staff at the University.
However, we also call on Staff to redouble their efforts and continue to deliver the best quality education to our students. Hundreds of people are sacrificing to pay for their education during these difficult financial times, and we owe it to provide the best possible service in return.
With Thanks,
Muckson Sesay
Central University
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